For some reason we seem to get a huge number of spam calls to our home number. Something on the order of several a week, and several a day on days like today...

I have no interest in committing to buy anything that's sold by cold-calling over the phone... But until recently I've had no idea how to quickly get rid of the (generally pushy) salespeople on the other end without being rude. From my tiny bit of experience with the last 3 or so calls, saying "Can you please take me off your call list?" is like some kind of magic spell.

When I pick up the phone and nobody answers immediately, then get the telltale pause, click, and "hello?" of a sales call - I've been immediately interjecting (as politely as possible) that I want to be taken off their call list. The response has unwaveringly been acknowledgement and call termination within a few seconds. So far, effective three of three times.

Let's hope the streak continues!