Yep, I'm back in Ottawa. It's overwhelmingly the same. I suppose Ottawa's a nice city in the grand scheme of things, but for now it just doesn't seem that interesting.

I guess when I left I was scared that I'd never get out of the city - worried that I'd live here my entire life and become a sort of agoraphobic. Now that I'm back, it may be the opposite. I'm a little worried that I'll never get out again to experience places that could be life-changing.

I guess that sounds really negative. It wasn't really meant to when I wrote it, but it just ended up that way.

[Edit 2009-01-14] That didn't really come out the way I meant it... I love Ottawa. I grew up here, and it's a wonderful city in which to live. I'm just so used to it that there was almost a "shocking comfort" to being back... Sort of like getting a new toy v.s. an old favorite toy.