I love Linux. I also love FreeBSD, MacOS, and any number of unix-like operating systems. I love the open-source programs that I have the privilege of using. If I could, I'd use Linux or FreeBSD as my primary OS, but realistically, I can't.

I say realistically because I'm a developer, and 75% of the time I'm a web developer. As a web developer, I know that the vast majority of users (regardless of audience) run Windows. Even then, the vast majority of Windows users use Internet Explorer. As a result, I have to test my work in at least Firefox and IE7, and probably IE6 and WebKit too.

This brings me to the Linux plague. The plague of Linux zealots that refuse to touch anything Microsoft. It's fine to love open-source, but it's not okay to refuse to deal with the fact that the vast majority of people either disagree or are unaware of the alternatives.

That's maybe a little dramatic, but that's how I feel sometimes.