It's nearing the end of my first July 4th in the United States of America. There were events all over the city today, but we didn't go to any of them... We went downtown to go see Narnia, had a few drinks and a Mexican style dinner. Pretty good way to spend a Friday.

On our way back from downtown, we walked by a little European restaurant. They had an accordion player serenading diners. When Sarah and I walked by hand in hand, the accordion player started playing "When the moon hits your eye...". Pretty good feeling. That's amore.

The evening turned out to be great too. Our apartment happens to be a two minute walk from Myrtle Edwards park, the designated spot for watching the Independence Day fireworks launched from a barge in Puget Sound. Good show all around, with an excellent red-white-and-blue finale. (There was a bit of pale green in there, but I think it was accidental or byproduct burn.)

I have a few pictures, but low-light isn't one of the strengths of my little camera. We'll see how they turned out.. I'll post 'em if they're any good.