Day 17

Well, okay, so it isn't really day 17 of the project... And this it isn't really a project. I just thought I'd write about something I decided to do a few weeks ago: grow basil in coffee grounds.

The insiration for this idea came from local coffee places; Here in Seattle, Starbucks locations provide large bags of used coffee grounds for use in gardens and for compost, and for free. We have a basil plant, and a seemingly infinite supply of used coffee grounds. It was inevitable that I would put the two together.

It started a few weeks ago when I topped off the plant's pot with some extra coffee grounds that weren't lucky enough to end up in a pot of coffee. Within a few days, the plant went from looking a little droopy to a tall and proud basil plant. Weeks later, a dark brownish color is working it's way up the stalk of the plant. I think the dark brown is rich coffee (and caffeine) laden water working it's way up into the leaves. Once it gets there, I hope we'll be able to make some good spaghetti with a real punch to it!

I just re-potted the plant in a slightly larger bowl, and added some fresh coffee grounds and even a little of the ground-up stuff in a tea bag. We'll see if that works.