• Ghost Tweaks, the Right Way. Maybe.

    I recently put up a blog for my wife. I was looking for something that was easy for her to use, and easy enough to for me to customize for her needs. I landed on Ghost (GitHub) because of its simplicity. For her, it's been great for many reasons. For me, it's turned out to be a near-ideal balance between customisable and not needing to customization at all. For the customizations I did need to make, getting them to an easily maintainable state has been a fun learning experience.

  • Interlude

    I'm in the process of re-creating Part of the process involved importing my old posts. I don't always like or agree with some of the things I used to think, but they give me an interesting peek into my mind as it was. Whether I like them or not, that's who I was at the time.

  • Code formatting for C/Java-like languages

    I'm very sensitive to certain quirks in code formatting, mostly inconsistency. Inconsistency makes it more difficult for me to read code, so it slows me down when I'm programming. Not much mind you, but enough that I notice.

  • Macbook and Ubuntu Linux

    I've always been a bit of an operating system nut. From the time I first installed linux on a PC almost 15 years ago, I've been experimenting with every OS I can find. My PCs have always dual or triple-booted at least Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD for as long as I can remember.

  • Unintended Benefits of Unit Tests?

    I was just thinking about some code I was writing, and thinking about how a lot of functionality works better as a unit. For example, an object method whose logic is mostly self-contained (verifying internal state, etc.), v.s. a method that relies on state set in other parts of the object.

  • Sales Calls...

    For some reason we seem to get a huge number of spam calls to our home number. Something on the order of several a week, and several a day on days like today...

  • Digital v.s. Physical Content Distribution

    If I had to choose between digital content (software, media, or something else) distributed online and the same content on physical media, I would choose the physical media most of the time. Why? Let me try to explain...

  • Real hollandaise isn't the same!

    Both Sarah and I love to eat breakfast (or "breakfast" if it's after noon) at Cora's. They have (among many other things) a bunch of unique breakfast dishes that include Hollandaise on combinations of eggs, vegetables, cheese, crepes and other delectable food items.

  • Integer overflows on PDO > 1.0.3 on 64-bit platforms

    I've recently been researching the cause of an issue that involved inconsistency in inserting a 32-bit unsigned integer into a signed 32-bit integer column in MySQL using PHP 5.2.x and PDO. The result is that any code shared between 32-bit and 64-bit platforms that inserts values above 2 billion and change into a signed integer column in MySQL has to be normalized before insertion.

    If MySQL expects a 32-bit signed integer,the following has to be done or MySQL will (sort of) truncate the value at 2^31-1:

  • Three Important Properties of Coffee

    My feelings about coffee are pretty simple: I like coffee. A lot. The more I drink coffee, the more importance I place on its selection.

  • I'm back!

    Yep, I'm back in Ottawa. It's overwhelmingly the same. I suppose Ottawa's a nice city in the grand scheme of things, but for now it just doesn't seem that interesting.

  • The Linux Plague

    I love Linux. I also love FreeBSD, MacOS, and any number of unix-like operating systems. I love the open-source programs that I have the privilege of using. If I could, I'd use Linux or FreeBSD as my primary OS, but realistically, I can't.

  • How many birds?

    Sarah just asked me to do something efficiently...

  • Happy 4th America!

    It's nearing the end of my first July 4th in the United States of America. There were events all over the city today, but we didn't go to any of them... We went downtown to go see Narnia, had a few drinks and a Mexican style dinner. Pretty good way to spend a Friday.

  • Project Codename: Caffeinated Basil

    Day 17
  • This time... Google AppEngine

    As many may know, Google recently released a product called AppEngine. It's a sort of hosting service with some of Google's considerable resources behind it.

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